Types of hunting bows and hunting techniques

hunting bowHunting bows are presented in a wide range in specialized stores. Hunting bows come in different types: classical, traditional and block. The classic bow consists of a handle, shoulders and bowstrings. Such bows can be direct or recursive. They differ in the bending of the shoulders. Most often recursive bows are collapsible, although non-separable models also occur. Classic bows can be used for sports and outdoor activities. Traditional bows are the closest to the ancient bows, hence their name.

The changes made to the design of such bows are due to modern requirements for the rifle qualities of weapons, durability and practicality. Such bows are used, as a rule, for shooting without special adaptations, such as stabilizer or sight. Traditional onions have a strictly defined length, but the tension force can be adjusted. Block bows are the most modern bows. Such bows have a complex design, which facilitates string tension. Block bows are the fastest and most powerful than all of the above. Sights and stabilizers are used for firing from block bows.archary

Advantages and disadvantages of hunting with a bow

The distinction of hunting with onions from hunting with a gun. Hunting with a bow has a number of differences from gun hunting. First of all, this is the distance of the shot. Onions allow to hit the target at a distance of 30-40 meters. The distance varies depending on the skills of the hunter. Forty meters is the maximum distance for an onion. In order to hit the target at such a great distance, the hunter must have a great shooting experience. The second difference is the speed of the subsequent shot. From the gun the second shot can be made at any desired moment, the time of the sight in this case takes less than a second.

To shoot a bow, you first need to determine the distance to the target, turn to it sideways, apply an arrow, tighten the string, then aim and shoot. Repeated shot on the evading game from the bow make it almost impossible. In addition, the bow is not comfortable to wear.

Due to the size of the weapons, it is rather difficult to move around in the forest with him. Archery requires good physical training. Tired hunter does not have a chance to hit the target from the bow. From the bow it is impossible to shoot on the flying bird and it is very difficult for running game.

Taking into account the peculiarities of hunting with onions, only ambush and bait of game are used here from all kinds of hunting. Very rarely, hunters use onions for hunting with an approach.

Features of hunting with onions

The hunting subjects with onions most often become ungulates. You can hunt with a bow on wolves. Preparing for the best hunting takes a long time. It is necessary to choose a suitable bow, arrows, tips, cover, release, bait, camouflage. To hunt with a bow it is necessary to know the anatomy of animals. A bullet can kill an animal in three ways: by damaging the nervous system, by circulatory or by damage to the internal organs. In the case of onions, the most likely damage to the circulatory system. It’s difficult to pierce a shooter’s skull or spine, since the attack force of a bow is much less than that of a rifle.

In addition to studying the anatomy of animals, it will be useful to visit the Lucodrome. In such places there are three-dimensional models of animals used as targets. For the hunter-archer it is very important to be able to correctly determine the distance to the target. It is best to compose a memo, which will indicate the angular dimensions of the parts of the bow in the aiming position. In many sniper shooting manuals, there are recommendations on the eye measurement of distance using finger width, match box or transparent ruler. When going for a better hunt, remember that a tired hunter is unlikely to hit the target. Therefore, you do not need to collect a heavy backpack. Most of the equipment should be left in the car or at the hunting base, and go hunting with a minimum weight. Do not wash the camouflage in powders with bleach. The sight of some animals extends to the ultraviolet region, for which you will be very noticeable. You can not drink alcohol on the eve of hunting. The smell of fumes animals feel at great distances.



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