Seven Sniper Tips That Will Help You not Miss Another Shot

HUNTERDo you have difficulty getting hit on long distance parts? Then read on, surely in the following lines you will find the main ideas to solve your problems.

Collect data

Write down the conditions in which you perform each shot and the conclusions. We already know that any weapon does not fire in the same conditions according to environmental factors. It is therefore important to collect each information and review it from time to time; With this we will learn to perfection the operation of our weapon and we will fail less and less. In addition, the ammunition influences a lot, try not to change your bullets – for this you have to advise by an expert gunsmith to know which to you they come better.

Get your weapon dirty

No, we have not gone crazy. Many elite snipers prefer to let their weapon get dirty until rounds of 200 or 300 rounds are completed. Therefore, nothing happens if you do not clean the gun during the whole season; At the end of this it is advisable to carry out a comprehensive review.

Accommodate the shot to the breath

This is another technique widely used by the army’s special forces. It consists of breathing deeply three times and releasing the air the last time keep your breath just the right time to shoot. In this way what we achieve is to lower the heart rate, something that facilitates the task of aiming more accurately.HUNTER

Release the trigger slowly

When shooting you do not try to hit the trigger with your finger abruptly. Squeeze gently allowing the shot to surprise you and then as you continue to follow the piece begins to release slowly. With something so simple you will avoid many precision errors.

Center your rifle well

It might seem obvious, but many hunters do not give so much importance to having their gun ready to shoot. The greatest experts in weapons ensure that the ideal is to get to shoot the shots in less than two square centimeters to a hundred meters away.

Study the wind

This is a factor that can change at any time. But you should not focus on the wind that runs in your position, but you must look beyond, halfway between the piece and you, and the place of the target. From there he takes the necessary measures to counteract it.

Learn from recoil

If you shoot with calibers such as .308 or similar, the behavior of the weapon when retracting after the shot will give you a lot of information about what you do wrong. Ideally, the gun should return to the same shoulder location and the viewfinder should be centered in the same position without the need to replace it.







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