About hunting in Vologda region

huntingologda region since time immemorial has been a natural gem of Russia. This is the land of beautiful forests, rivers and lakes, which today, as before, are rich in game and fish. Hunting and fishing, once the main occupation for the Vologda people, have now become a wonderful kind of recreation, very popular not only among local, but also visiting amateurs. Some statistics about hunting in the Vologda region. Hunting lands of Vologda region occupy 14 million hectares, of which 8.46 million hectares are generally accessible, and 5.2 million hectares are provided by hunting users. To date, over 35 thousand hunters have been registered in the region. The number of issued licenses per year is indicative of the scale of hunting in the province: 2,700 licenses are issued for the production of moose, 700 for the wild boar, 530 for the bear, 501 for bears, 1,800 for beavers, 1800 for marten. The annual hunting for fur enterprises for fur enterprises is 5,000 squirrels , 900 martens, more than 700 beavers and other species.

Animal Overview

Hunting in the Vologda Region The hunting resources of Vologda are very rich. 49 species of mammals and 232 species of birds live in the forests of the region. Some species (osprey, white-tailed eagle, golden eagle) are listed in the Red Book of Russia. According to experts in the Vologda forests, there are 40 thousand elk species, 10.4 thousand – a wild boar, 9.3 thousand – a bear. So, the main game animals and birds of the Vologda region.



Dates of hunting for an adult male all September, sex-age groups from early October to mid-January next year Bear brown Season of hunting from early August to late October Wild boar Hunting in the Vologda region Hunting from the beginning of June to the end of February next year Wolf, fox, raccoon dog ,


hare Dates of hunting from mid-September to the end of February next year.

Beaver, otter, lynx Season from early October to late February next year Badger Season from mid-August to late October

Swamp-meadow game (snipe, snipe, corncrake) With hunting dogs and hunting birds. Season from the end of July of the end of the year.

Harvest game (wood grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse, woodcock) With dogs and birds of prey. Season from early August to the end of the year Field game (pigeon)

Hunting in the Vologda region With dogs and birds of prey. Season from the beginning of August to the end of the year

Waterfowl game (duck, goose) by all permitted methods. Season from mid-August to the end of the year

Choosing the future hunting trophy

you should determine the area and the farm in which you can hunt. For example, in the Ust-Kubinsky area you will be offered moose, bear and wild boar, wood grouse, black grouse, goose. In the Totem or Kirillovsky district, you can count on a hare, squirrel, ermine and mink. Waterfowl and swamp game should be hunted on the lakes of Vytegorsk district (Luzhanozero, Tudozero, Velikoe).hunting

Hunting places

The unique Vologda nature makes the region one of the most “hunting” in Russia. This is known to Vologda and abroad. Over the past two years, about fifty foreigners have hunted here. Preparation and holding of hunting tours, transport accessibility, experienced huntsmen, to the details of thoughtful service perfectly complement the amazing beauty of northern Russian nature. Today, 56 legal entities are engaged in hunting resources of the region. In total, 60 hunting bases and lodges operate on the territory of the region (this number does not include stopping forest huts). In the summer season, up to 700 tourists can be accommodated at hunting bases. Among the regular guests of the Vologda hunting grounds is the famous director Nikita Mikhalkov, who prefers hunting by car. There is nothing surprising in this, since hunting in these parts is excellent. By the way, N. Mikhalkov has a dacha in the Ust-Kubinsky district, so he can be considered a guest in Vologda region as a condition. The list and cost of services provided by farms, we will give an example of a typical hunting economy. The hunting base “Omojayevskoe” for 24 people is located 60 km from Vologda on the bank of the river. B. Elma. To the services of the arrived hunters there are double rooms for accommodation, a garage, a sauna. Hunting facilities in Vologda Oblast, the following vehicles: cross-country vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, motor boats, horseback horses.

Thanks to the developed infrastructure in the region, domestic and foreign hunting tourism is developing particularly rapidly. The first experience was the reception of guests was very successful and the geography of arriving guests was gradually expanding. The key to success is unique nature, rich choice of hunting fauna and numerous offers of comfortable and interesting recreation.


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